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24 Nov 2017-The Hindu Editorial -Vocabulary

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22 Nov 2017-The Hindu Editorial -Vocabulary

22 Nov 2017-The  Hindu Editorial -Vocabulary    But only sound political vision will help Rahul Gandhi in the face-off with Narendra ModiFrom the time he entered politics, and won Amethi in 2004, Rahul Gandhi knew the leadership of the Congress was his for the asking. The only question was when his mother, Sonia Gandhi, would be ready to step down. The inevitablesuccession from mother to son is related to the very nature of the Congress. Unfortunately for the party, no one but a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family can hold its potentially fractious elements together. So, in the absence of some totally unexpected twist, the December election process announced will see Mr. Gandhi as Congress president. This will formalise his de factoposition as the leader of India’s largest opposition party, which is struggling to stitch together a national-level alternative to the resurgent BJP, under the Amit Shah-Narendra Modi combine. The timing of the elevation is significant. In the period immediat…